My cousin was recently a victim of a horrific domestic violence attack and it cost her life. She was violently murdered in her house with her little sister and her young daughters. She was the exact same age I am. Her boyfriend got mad about something and shot her in the face. It almost took the life of her little sister as well, who was shot three times while trying to protect the children. Thankfully, they survived when she got them to safety. Her little sister remains in critical condition. This vicious murder happened right before Thanksgiving this year and after I wrote this book. I never thought I would be talking about something like this on my own website that happened so recently and to a member of my own family. There are so many valiant and brave people out there fighting every day for this cause to end domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, and rape.

When I started this mission, at first I felt like I wouldn't be able to do anything worthy or important to help, because so much is already being done. However, if I can just be ONE MORE PERSON TO LEND MY VOICE, ONE MORE PERSON who stands up, just ONE MORE PERSON who donates and contributes, ONE MORE PERSON who makes a difference, just like you can make a difference. Join us in our fight, J.O.M.P.-Just One More Person

I have been limited in the past by a disability as far as helping with these causes in person, but now through the power of the digital age and the internet, I have so many different options to help without physically having to be there in person. In the past I would just mail in my donations.

My ultimate goal is to build a minimum of 2 shelters here in Iowa. I want these shelters to be drug-free, crime free, safe houses to give a home to victims of abuse and their children. Transitional houses, place these women and children can feel safe.  I know I’m dreaming big, but I would also like to build 2 homeless shelters as well, that can help families who are homeless and without. Both of these causes are near and dear to my heart. The thing I remember the most about my childhood is starving all the time. Always feeling hungry, and always feeling and hearing my belly rumble with hunger pains. Then as teenager, the abuse I suffered at the hands of my abuser is something I never thought I would be able to move forward from.

Just ONE MORE VOICE, everyone who says that makes a remarkable footprint for this cause. We have to spread the word and help these victims, before it turns into something similar to what happened to my cousin. It feels like nobody cares and nobody is listening to so many victims. They feel they have nobody to turn to, I know I was that victim. But, now, I am here alive, no thanks to my abuser, and I want to help in any and every way possible.

The Chronicles of Sweetie Bee is my true life story. Chronicle I is centered on the 80s an amazing time in history. In this Chronicle, A Damaged Soul, I share with you that time in my life when I suffered life-threatening physical abuse at the hand of my boyfriend Sandy. I was a teenager and I felt hopeless like there was nobody in the world who could understand what I was going through and there was nobody who cared enough to truly help me.

I want teenagers to know that there is someone out there who cares. There are many people out there who truly want to help them. There are multiple organizations available to assist them. I want teens to know that they are not alone and that there are so many people who care deeply about them. They, like I, have suffered what these teens are going through and we can help.

Reading this book will take you on a journey through my life during the ages of 15-17. It started out as a romantic love story and got off track somewhere in the process. The different Chronicles highlight different periods of my life and there is a very very happy ending to my story; however, it did take a lot to get there and it was an arduous journey.

I invite you to come with me through all the ups and downs of love, joy, happiness, pain, suffering and sorrow. It will be an emotional roller coaster, but it will be life changing. 

Please watch the book trailer to learn more about the book and my story.

I will be using the majority of the proceeds from any of my book sales to put towards building these shelters; my goal is to get all four of them built by 2020. I know I can do anything I put my mind to and so can you. Never stop fighting for what you believe in!

The Chronicles of Sweetie Bee (A Damaged Soul) [Kindle Edition]


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